BSFC Registration for Season 2024 Girls U7-8 DEPOSIT


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  • By accepting a Letter of Offer from Brimbank Stallions FC for a position in any team, you are required to acknowledge and accept the following Conditions:

  • Parent/Guardian Declaration

  • 1. I/We acknowledge and understand that the coach, club or officials will not be held liable for any medical and like expenses, any shortfall in the cost of obtaining urgent and/or continuing medical treatment incurred as a result of injuries suffered by our child whilst participating in training or matches.

    2. Unless instructed otherwise by a Brimbank Stallions FC Official I/We agree that a parent or guardian will be present during our child’s participation in training and matches.

    3. Where the Coach or Club Management is unable to contact me/us, I/we hereby give permission to the Coach or Club Management to seek treatment for my child at a hospital, or to call an ambulance during an emergency and I/we agree to pay all relevant costs involved.

    4. I/We give my/our permission for Brimbank Stallions FC, Juventus FC to have sole and exclusive rights of the images and films, which may be used in their entirety or as individual parts and components, including in the form of film clips, edited films and adaptations, without any limitation, and with ample power of transference to third parties.

    5. I/We acknowledge and agree that the profile and any photographs taken may be used by Club Italia, Juventus FC for any and all commercial applications for the purpose of promoting Club Italia, Juventus FC and its subsidiaries and may be altered by the photographer and used as such.

    6. I/We have no further claim over the video, photos or profile information and hand over full ownership and copyright to Club Italia, Juventus FC and acknowledge that I have no right to inspect or approve any photos or video used.

    7. I/We consent to our child/children’s contact details being made available to any BRIMBANK STALLIONS FC officials.

    8. I/We acknowledge that soccer training is a contact sport and accordingly hold the BRIMBANK STALLIONS FC harmless against all claims of whatsoever nature arising out of any injury, loss or damage suffered as a result of any child participating in any training capacity.

    9. I/We agree to reimburse the Club Italia / Brimbank Stallions for any loss or damage to equipment (this includes the playing strip) due to our or our child(ren)’s negligence.

    10. I/We consent to pay fines incurred because of our child(ren.)

    11. I/We agree to obtain protective equipement for our child(ren), including but not limited to football boots, shin pads, rain jackets, keeper gloves, as required.

    12. I/We have read and agree and will adhere to all Club Policies, including the Players & Parents Code of Conduct (all Policies can be found in the 'Club Policies' section of the BSFC website under 'Club' dropdown in the menu).

    As parents/guardians of the above-named player(s), we hereby acknowledge that we have read, understood and accept the rules and conditions stated above and verify that all details on this form are true and correct.

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